Suppressed emotions create truly vivid dreams

I’ve been contemplating the last year or so where my emotions seem to be threatening to spill out without the normal control I’ve fought so hard to retain over my lifetime. I find myself getting emotional over the smallest things. For the most part this only results in my eyes filling with tears and one […]

Polly Moore DeGroat

Originally posted on Ancestral Women:
The third weaving is of Polly DeGroat, a woman many Brothertown Indians trace their lineage to, though the photo used for her weaving describes her as a Munsee-Delaware Indian. For Polly’s weaving, Mary started with a washed-out photograph of her and redrew the image, placing her within a forest with…

Why so dark?

I was talking to Mary (my wife) the other day about this blog. When I started it was intended to just be a place for me to start putting down my thoughts and experiences that have been store… Source: Why so dark?

Emotional Paralysis

  It’s been quite a while since I wrote here. Once again, I failed at continuing something that is probably beneficial to me. What’s new, right?  I’ve thought about this post for weeks, trying to push it aside. It just kept coming back to me like a damn fly buzzing in your ear that you […]

His brothers keeper

And love will hold us together Make us a shelter to weather the storm And I’ll be my brother’s keeper So the whole world would know that we’re not alone I shouldn’t have bee… Source: His brothers keeper